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3 Year Old 

We provide a safe, inclusive and engaging environment indoors and outdoors that, motivates, excites and challenges our Pre-school children. We have recently refurbished our Pre-school room which boasts beautiful furniture and new equipment specifically designed for our 3 to 4 year olds. The EYFS garden has also been transformed and has now been completely renovated and is specially designed for the needs of our children.

Our aim is for our children to thrive in a setting that has the children’s interests at the heart of all that is offered, resulting in high levels of motivation, where every child acquires and consolidates skills and knowledge at their highest level. Our children will take part in daily adult-directed, adult-led, and child-initiated activities. These are planned around a termly theme which you will find on our long-term overview. Our children also have the opportunity to learn through weekly forest school sessions where the children are encouraged to explore and investigate the natural world.

Rolling Snacks

Snack time at our nursery is fun and educational. We try to replicate the family environment with children sitting around the table to encourage conversation and develop physical skills pouring water from jugs and when using the cutlery. 

Water, cow’s milk and fresh fruit is provided throughout the day at our snack table (or alternative milk for those with dairy allergies). We change our snack menu daily.

Starting Pre-school

Nursery can be joined by completing the Application form, that can be downloaded below or requested at the school office.

Completion of the Application form  does not guarantee your child a place.  The nursery manager will assess availability and contact you.  Application forms should be returned to

If you wish to discuss your child attending our Pre-school class, please contact school office on 01952 386770 and ask for Miss Cox.

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